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FEUDIN' AND FIGHTIN' >From the Broadway Revue "Laffing Room Only" (1945) (Burton Lane / Al Dubin) Jack Allen (Broadway Production) - 1945 Dorothy Shay (with Mischa Russell's Orch.) - 1947 Jo Stafford (with the Starlighters) - 1947 Bing Crosby & The Jesters (with Bob Haggart's Orch.) - 1947 Doris Day (Radio Transcript) - 1947 Studio Choir (feat. in the film "Feudin' Fussin' and a-Fightin'") - 1948 Bob Wills & the McKinney Sisters - 1948 Dorothy Collins (Radio Transcript) - 1958 As recorded by BING CROSBY & THE JESTERS: Beyond the busy highway A-beyond the city strife We highly treasure And take great pleasure In our plain way of life Feudin', a-fussin' and a-fightin' Sometimes it gets downright excitin' Don't like them ornery neighbours down by the creek Well, we'll be plumb out of neighbours next week Grandma, poor ol' grandma Why'd they have to shoot poor grandma She lies 'neath the clover Seems they caught her bendin' over A-reachin' for the money Feudin', a-fussin' and a-fightin' This is a wrong that needs a-rightin' Let's get that funeral service over, so then We'll go feudin' and fightin' again (Feudin' and fightin' and a-fussin') (That's all that's goin' on with us'n) (We are such neighbourly people, peaceful and sweet) (All except when we happen to meet) (Daughter, baby daughter) (Poisoned all the neighbour's chickens) (Daughter shouldn't oughter) (At least 'till she could run like the dickens) (They caught her at the crossroads) (Feudin' and fightin' and a-fussin') (No use a-standin' here a-cussin') (Let's give our daughter a pistol now that she's four) (And go feudin' and fightin' some more) Ah, fightin' and a-feudin' and a-fussin' What did that stranger want with us'n He was a Revenue agent, yeah, he wasn't killed The boys had to hide him in the still (Liquor, mountain liquor) (It's better now, it kicks you much quicker) (Moonshine, mountain moonshine) (Has a glow that gets you much sicker) (We serve it with a clothesbrush) Feudin' and fightin' and a-fussin' This ain't no place to be politin' I load up my double-barrelled shotgun I'm gettin' the yen To go feudin' and a-fussin' A-feudin' and a-fightin' A-feudin' and a-fussin' again (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - August 2013)


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