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FIFTY FIFTY BLUES (Billy Moore Jr) as recorded by Louis Armstrong & His Orchestra (vocal - Louis Armstrong & Jack Teagarden) June !0th 1947 New York I woke up this mornin' feelin' weary and blue, Oh, I woke up this afternoon, but I felt the same way too, oh too, That makes us partners in sorrow, we've got blues enough for two! I've got blues to spare, blues to share, I've got blues in my heart and blues in my hair! The mood is hard to lose, Why don't we pool these blues Until we start to feel alright? Okay, we partners in sorrow With the fifty fifty blues tonight! We had blues to spare, blues to share, Blues in our hearts and blues in our hair! That mood was all to lose, That's why we pooled our blues, But now we can see the light! We got the blues off our chest, That way is always the best, We lost the fifty fifty blues tonight! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - October 2018)


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