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FIGARO (Roger Edens) as recorded by Judy Garland with Victor Young & his Orchestra October 16th 1939 Once there was a barber, a barber who lived in Spain. He was a barbering fool, a shaving fool, a shaving fool from Spain. He was kind o' crazy, he was always singin' in the rain. His name was Figaro, the barber of Seville. Hi-ho! Hi-de-ho! Figaro! Hi-de-ho-de-ho-de-ho-he-he-higaro! De-fi-de-fo-de-fo-de-fo-de-fig-fig-Figaro! Figaro was Spanish, Every time there's a bull fight, he quits! Shave and a hair cut, six bits. Hi-de-ho-Figaro! Hi-de-ho-Figaro! Hi-de-ho-ho-de-ho-fig-fig-Figaro! Hi-de-ho-Figaro! Hi-de-ho-Figaro! Hi-de-ho-ho-de-ho-fig-fig-Figaro! Ho-ho-ha-ha, zig-zig-zig-zig-zig-zigaro! Ho-ho-ha-ha, fig-fig-fig-fig-fig-Figaro! Hi-de-ho-Figaro! Hi-de-fig! Hi-de-fig! Hi-de-fig! Hi-de-fig! Figaro! Hi-de-ho-Figaro! Hi-de-fig! Hi-de-fig! Hi-de-fig! Hi-de-fig! Figaro! Figaro! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - August 2017)


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