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FIND A QUIET PLACE (AND BE LONELY) (M. Davis / C. Bell) Melvin Davis - 1965 You've been playing a game a long time Using this old heart of mine But I'm not gonna let'cha do it anymore Not gonna try to even the score I'm gonna find a quiet place And be lonely Baby, and be lonely My-my-my-my-my baby Gonna be lonely I'm not gonna try to get you back That, my baby, leads down a one-way track I know for certain you'd hurt me again There's only one way I know I can win And that's find a quiet place Ah, baby, to be lonely Baby, be lonely My-my-my-my baby And be lonely (Instrumental Break) My babe, my baby Baby, I'm so lonely Just when I think you're gonna be true That's when you do the things you do Well, I no longer wanta feel like that I'm gettin' my coat and I'm gettin' my hat Find a quiet place, ah, somewhere, baby To be lonely Baby, find a quiet place to be lonely Lonely, well, after what I've done, baby Here I sit in my lonely room Four walls enclose me like a tomb, baby (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - November 2012)


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