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FINE SPRING MORNING, A Haymes as rec by Blossom Dearie (vocal & piano) w Ray Brown (bass) Herb Ellis (guitar) & Jo Jones (drums) September 1956 This is a fine Spring morning, It's everywhere For us to share, Just look what a fine Spring morning can do! I've got a brand new feelin'; When I think twice It's awful nice, I hope everybody's feelin' it too! Bees are gettin' busier, Birds are gettin' dizzier, Little girls and boys are gettin' quizzier! Songs are gettin' singier, Butterflies are wingier, And sure as shootin', Spring is gettin' springier! So on this fine Spring morning, My heart's resigned, Made up my mind To spend every fine Spring morning with you! Say, I've seen a lot of mornings; The sunshine glows, A rooster crows, But this is my first Spring morning in love! So if this young girl's fancy Gets out of hand, Please understand It's just that this young girl's fancy Is love! Kids are gettin' cosier, Neighbours gettin' nosier, Bulls are gettin' more and more bulldozier! Bums are gettin' bummier, Chums are gettin' chummier, And yummy lookin' girls are gettin' yummier! Some of these fine Spring mornings, We're gonna be A family! And spend every fine Spring morning In love! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - May 2011)


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