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FIONA AND SHANE Anne Byrne The swaying pines of eventide, The blue sky up above All voices hushed and silent now Fiona dreams of love Her heart is filled with grief and fear Her dreams they are all in vain She listens to the westwind's sigh And dreams that it speaks to her of Shane. Chorus: Fiona, oh Fiona, the westwind whispers plain; Fiona, oh Fiona, I bring love greetings from Shane. Shane is betrothed to another love He tries to be true and kind He'll not look in Fiona's pale green eyes His love for her he just can't seem to hide. One day she went to the forest green she could not longer bear to stay in silence now she roams the woods and the green pines sing all the way Chorus One day he went to the forest green in search of wild deer and game a young girl smiling with pale green eyes starts to speak to young Shane. His heart remembered his love so true he tried but he failed to explain in silence now he roams the woods and the westwinds speak to Shane: Last chorus: Fiona, oh Fiona her love was without a stain Fiona, oh Fiona, oh you never love another, poor Shane, Fiona, Fiona, Fiona. (Transcribed by Wolfgang, & Samantha)


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