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FIRST CIGAR, THE (Arthur Law / Richard Corney Grain 1890) as recorded by W Louis Bradfield early 1900's I purchased it over the way, A cigar for a penny, no more; 'Midst ginger beer bottles it lay, 'Twas the last of an old woman's store. She called it an "Intimidad", It had spots of a yellowish hue, But she said the best brands always had, And of course I thought it was true! For it was me first cigar, Me very first cigar! I was but fourteen, When alone and unseen, I smoked me first cigar! I hadn't been smoking it long, When ev'rything seemed to go round; Me head was all dizzy and wrong, And somehow I sat on the ground. I crept upstairs to me room And groaning, I lay on the bed. I felt that cigar was me doom And oh, how I wished I was dead! Oh-oh, oh-oh, oh, ohhhhhh! It was me first cigar, Me very first cigar! I vow and declare, And I solemnly swear, 'Twas me first and me last cigar! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - February 2017)


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