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FIRST PRIZE AT THE FAIR (Arthur Schwartz (m) Howard Dietz (l) ) as recorded by Buddy Clark with Mitchell Ayres & his Orchestra December 30th 1947 New York It's the time of year again For the country fair, Everyone is here again, Love is in the air. I never did place In the piggyback chase, Fell on my face In the sack race, Still I won first prize at the fair! I couldn't eat fast When the apple pie passed, Finished up last In the track race, Still I won first prize at the fair! When we were dancing the square dance, You said "I love you, I do!"; The man called "Sashay left!", But I sashayed right to you! I never came up with a ribbon or cup, Still I came up in the clover! When the fair was over, I knew That I had won the first prize in you! They threw me a curve With my cherry preserve, Think of the nerve of the judges! Still I won first prize at the fair! My cookies were banned And my candy was canned, I understand they have grudges! Still I won first prize at the fair! For somehow, during the square dance, Your true affection came through; The man called "Do sa do!", How I do sa dote on you! "So what!", I declare, "Was there anyone there Who could compare with this winning?". Life was just beginning, I knew, Sweet beginning, Bright and new, For I had won first prize in you! Joanna came through, Mary Anne came through, Hanna did too, Even Sophie, Still I won first prize at the fair! (Your sugar-cured ham Didn't pass the exam), But what a grand slam Was the wind up! (You had made your mind up, I knew!) Now you know! Now you know And I had won the first prize, (There's the prize he's mad about, standing over there!) You were the first prize at the fair! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - February 2014)


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