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FOLK SONG (Myles Rudge / Ted Dicks) Bernard Cribbens - 1960 Upon the Monday morning-O The rain it was a-rainin' My love she come to me and said When shall you and I be wed I have bought a double bed And Mother is complaining ..... I can't abide her mother And all the while the rain it was a rainin' Upon the Tuesday morning-O The snow it was a-glistenin' My love still hadn't gone away So I did ask her, Mistress, pray What was it you said yesterday I really wasn't listenin' ..... hah-hah, I laughed and she 'it me And all the while the snow it was a-glistenin' Upon the Wednesday morning-O The hail it was a-hailin' My love she made a quick retort And said, to cut a story short I bought a bed, the double sort Your hearing must be failin' ..... she called me a deaf nit And all the while the hail it was a-hailin' Upon the Thursday morning-O The day was not a hot one I said, you've bought a double bed Well, that was what I thought you said You must be going off your head For I've already got one ..... yeah, we got two now, haven't we And all the while the day was not a hot one Upon the Friday morning-O ..... nobody spoke Upon the Saturday morning-O The thunder it was frightenin' I shouted so that I'd be heard Oh, let us marry on the third But did she answer, not a word, For she'd been struck by lightnin' And after that the weather started brightenin' SPOKEN: I had a lovely day. I went fishin'. I caught four One of 'em was a great big fat fellah, he was, oh, lovely (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - September 2018)


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