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FOLLOW ME (LOVE SONG from MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY) (Bronislau Kaper / Paul Francis Webster 1962) MGM Studio Orchestra and Chorus (under the direction of Herbert Stothart) From the 3 hour 1962 MGM color film ‘Mutiny On The Bounty’ Director: Lewis Milestone Leads: Marlon Brando / Trevor Howard / Richard Harris This film was credited with being the first widescreen process film (Ultra Panavision 70) This film was nominated for 7 Academy award Oscars. Ultra Panavision was the name given in 1960 to the existing film process called MGM Camera 65, a system created jointly by MGM and Panavision in 1957. The process was used to film "Raintree County" in 1957 and Ben-Hur in 1959. Following the name change, Ultra Panavision 70 was used for some scenes in 1962's "How The West Was Won" and for the entire production of 1962's "Mutiny On The Bounty". Come with me to the islands Come my love, follow, follow me Under the lure of pure enchantment Love will unfold her golden mystery. All night long I will hold you Till the stars slip into the sea I'll weave a crown of rainbows in your hair Many a moon I'll spend with thee. Love is waiting; follow, follow me Love is waiting; follow, follow me Love is waiting; follow, follow me... Follow, follow me. (Transcribed by David Story - October 2013)


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