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FONZO MY HOT SPANISH KNIGHT (M W Beresford / Will E Haines / Leo Towers 1930) as recorded by Gracie Fields with Tony Osborne & his Orchestra Bullfights, they made a lonely little widow of me, Still there's lots of more fish in the sea, I've got over it since! I met Alfonzo Repeti, the toreador, When he hugs me, he makes me sore, He thinks he's throwing a bull! But oh, I love him when he kisses, You can't imagine what bliss this is! He's got a kiss that never misses, Fonzo, my hot Spanish knight. I found him strolling in Madrid-a, He say he's got a million quid-a! Some day I hope to be his widda, Fonzo, my hot Spanish knight. Night time, he creep into my hacienda, He say he's only after my suspender, Me no surrender! He serenades me wiz a trumpet, I slash him good upon ze crumpet! If he don't like it he can lump it, Fonzo, my hot Spanish knight. At night he sings at the opeera, Huh-huh, he gets top notes all out of gear-a, Then he gets a Spanish raspbereera, Fonzo, my hot Spanish knight. Him such a big strong healthy fellow, No kick ze bucket, him too well-o. Ze bull see him and run like hell-o, Fonzo, my hot Spanish knight. My tale of woe is never ending, His wicked ways he'll not be mending! I wish ze bull would catch him bending, Fonzo, my hot Spanish knight. (Transcribed by Peter Akers - October 2015)


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