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FOOLIN'MYSELF Jack Lawrence & Peter Tinturin 1937 Billie Holiday w Teddy Wilson & his Orch rec June 1st 1937 New York also- Andy Kirk & his Twelve Clouds Of Joy '37 Billie Holiday '58 I tell myself I'm through with love, And I'll have nothing more to do with love; I stay away, But every day I'm just foolin' myself! I tell my friends that I don't care, I shrug my shoulders at the whole affair, But they all know It isn't so, I'm just foolin' myself! And every time I turn and see myself in the looking glass, I tip my hat and say, "How do you do you fool? you're throwin' your life away!". I'm acting gay, I'm acting proud, And every time I see you in a crowd, I may pretend' But in the end I'm just foolin' myself! (Contributed by Peter Akers - December 2008)


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