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FORD ECONOLINE Nanci Griffith She drove west from Salt Lake City to the California coastline She hit the San Diego Freeway doing sixty miles an hour She had a husband on her bumper She had five restless children She was singing sweet as a mockingbird in that Ford Econoline (chorus ) She's the salt of the earth Straight from the bosom of the Mormon church With a voice like wine Cruising along in that Ford Econoline Now her husband was a gambler, he was a Salt Lake City rambler He built a golden cage around his silver-throated wife Too many nights he left her crying with his cheating and his lying But his big mistake was him buying her that Ford Econoline (repeat chorus twice) Now she sings her songs around this country From Seattle to Montgomery Those kids are grown and that rounder knows You cannot cage your wife Along the back roads of our nation, she's become a living legend She drives a Coupe DeVille but her heart rides still In that Ford Econoline She drives a Coup DeVille but her heart rides still In that Ford Econoline


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