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FOR EMILY, WHENEVER I MAY FIND HER Paul Simon & Art Garfunkel What a dream I had, dressed in organdie Clothed in crinoline, of smoky Burgundy Softer than the rain I wandered empty streets, down past the shop displays I heard cathedral bells, tripping down the alley ways As I walked on And when you ran to me your cheeks flushed with the night We walked on frosted fields of juniper and lamplight I held your hand And when I awoke and felt you warm and near I kissed your honey hair with my grateful tears Oh I love you, girl Oh, I love you ----- PRO AEMILIA, UBICUMQUE FAM COGNOSCAM (Latin translation) Somnium mihi -- Palla crocea, Sericat'eras, Amiculum tibi, N'algor'esses. Erravi cassas vias Foro nundinae. Audivi sacello Tinniantem tibiae, Dum erravi. Cum ad me cucurrist'et, Velut sidera, Fulsist'ant'oculos Et lux discussit umbras. Exsultavi.... Expergi, sed Hoc manuisti sic. Flevi ob gaudium. Basiavi te. Ha! Te amo! Puella, te amo!


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