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A FOREVER KIND OF LOVE (James Keller / Gerry Goffin (m & l) 1962) As sung by Bobby Vee 1962 (with Norrie Paramor) Also sung by: Cliff Richard and the Shadows Darryl Ford Mike Redway It seems my reputations met you before in me People say I treat love like a game Well once that was so true, but now that I've found you I know that I will never be the same. Yes, I kissed girls just for the thrill of kissin' them And I've told them goodbye, without ever missin' them But darling, since we met, my rovin' days are through I'm offering you, a forever kind of love. I must admit, I use to kiss and run before But please don't judge me by the things, I've done before Believe me, every word I've said to you is true I'm offering you, a forever kind of love. Although, you won't be my first love I promise you, you're gonna be my last I wasn't true to any girl I knew before 'Cause I was savin' all my love for you before. Oh, darlin' now I'll never want somebody new I'm offerin' you, a forever kind of love. Oh, darlin' now I'll never want somebody new I'm offerin' you, a forever kind of love. Notes: The composers/ lyricists Jack Keller and Gerry Goffin were both American born. The breadth of Keller's work was substantial as both a composer and producer. He wrote songs for over 60 years. An example of some of his popular numbers were EVERYBODY'S SOMEBODY'S FOOL RUN TO HIM Goffin, for his part in the rock & roll era of writing, contributed Carole King's WILL YOU LOVE ME TOMORROW? Bobby Vee's TAKE GOOD CARE OF MY BABY 1961 and Steve Lawrence's GO AWAY LITTLE GIRL Bobby Vee, an American from Fargo North Dakota USA, was a rock & roll hearthrob in the vein of Sal Mineo, Fabian and Ricky Nelson. Most interesting is his start in the rock and roll world. After the tragic crash of the aircraft carrying Buddy Holly, Richie Valens and the Big Bopper enroute to a performance, Vee (at 15 years old) was asked to fill in at the scheduled gig with a makeshift band which he promptly named the Shadows. Soon after his appearance, he made his first record. Vee's popularity was at a high when he performed in the U.K. A number of his albums were released there. < A FOREVER KIND OF LOVE > was released as the 'A' side of a 45 rpm vinyl disk. The 'B' side was < Remember Me, Huh? >. This song also appeared on a number of vinyl LPs, one of which was < Bobby Vee - A Bobby Vee Recording Session > in 1962. (Transcribed by David Story- April 2014)


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