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FORGETTING YOU (aka THAT'S JUST MY WAY OF FORGETTING YOU) (Lyrics: Buddy DeSylva & Lew Brown / Music: Ray Henderson) Kitty O'Connor - 1928 Annette Hanshaw - 1928 Jean Goldkette & His Orch. (vocal: Jean Napier) - 1928 The Dorsey Brothers Orch. (vocal: Scrappy Lambert) - 1928 McKinney's Cotton Pickers (vocal: Jean Napier) - 1928 The Charleston Chasers - 1928 Also recorded by: Paul Weston & His Orch. with the Norman Luboff Choir; Richard Hayes. You saw me out the other night The first time since we parted The crowd was gay and I seemed all aglow Because I smiled you couldn't tell That I'm still brokenhearted You couldn't tell, but I want you to know If you see me dancing in some cabaret That's just my way of forgetting you Where you are were one, there's a new one each day But that's just my way of forgetting you If I gave myself the time to think about you I'd go mad to think that I'm without you Each night now I pray that I may find a way Find a way of forgetting you (Orchestral Break) Though my lips reveal a song of joy and gladness My heart sings a song of tears and sadness If I smile at you while my heart breaks in two That's my way of forgetting you (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - July 2011)


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