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FOR YOU - FOR ME (Jon Anderson) Jon Anderson First the planet, a star Suspended in the realm of infinity Soul and light charged together In form called life adorned To which the world offered a home Once made for love And love alone For you, for me For you, for me It did not stop there, we are form The magic body, that soft machine Acclimatised with vision And just enough thought to begin the test To learn and just in front The source of indifference To the song of knowledge ever sung For you, for me For you, for me The climate in itself creates a sound so volatile It makes these words seem clueless forever more But if in honesty it takes just one dream To evaluate the chance of choice Dispelling the clear light Invincible Impregnable For you, for me For you, for me Hear it Down through the age of time The moment is not and never shall be time We each revolve around the magnitude Of time and motion The point of all is of course not for our earthly talk For we stand, we walkk, we kick, we provoke We council, we destroy, we look, we employ We say, here we are and why No there life form asks why Hear me Hear me Oh yes! you critics of life and love You stallions of the pen and more While you spew your dry thoughts On poets of nature, hang them low Scoff with glee the unfortunate mass You say stil lclings to the treasures of the past And music For you, for me For you, for me You hear it now You hear it now I hear you now


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