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FOUR MARYS John Allan Cameron CHORUS Last Night There Were Four Marys Tonight There値l Be But Three There Was Mary Seaton, and Mary Wheaton, And Mary Carmichael And Me Little Did My Mother Think When First She Cradled Me That I Would Die So Far From Home Or Hang From A Gallis Tree They値l Tie A Napkin Around My Eye, They値l No Let Me See This Day And They値l Never Let On To My Mother And Father But That I知 Away Over The Sea REPEAT CHORUS I Wish I Could Lie In My Own Churchyard, Beneath The Old Yew Tree Where They Trea・The Growin・And Threa・The Rowin・ My Brothers, My Sisters, And Me And Little Care I For A Nameless Grave, If I致e Hope For Eternity And I Pray That The Fate Of A Dyin・Thief Will Be Granted By Grace Unto Me REPEAT CHORUS 4X TO FADE (Contributed by Watban Barzan Matanek - December 2007)


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