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FOUR WALLS (Al Jolson / Billy Rose / Dave Dreyer) Al Jolson - 1928 Ipana Troubadours (vocal: Scrappy Lambert) - 1928 Johnny Johnson & His Statler Pennsylvanians - 1928 Gerald Adams - 1928 They're playing "Home Sweet Home" The dance is over Soon they will be leaving two-by-two And as they waltz and glide I stand there outside Wondering where to go and what to do Home sweet home to me is just a melody Bringing lonely feelings to me For it only means to me Four walls each morning Four walls each night One little door and window One little lonely light I never say "Hello", what good would that be With just my echo answering me I get so lonely Looking at just four walls Four walls, four walls, that's all I see in the morning And four walls, that's all I see at night One little door and one little window And just one little light Where's that rainbow, where is that Spring Where's that bluebird, when does he sing Where is that lining, where is that sun Where am I squatting, what have I done Weary and dreary, lonely and sad When does this end, am I going mad Looking at just four walls (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - April 2017)


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