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FREE AS A DOVE (Michael Pinder) The Moody Blues One day I asked aloud, amidst the dark confusion, I asked "Where could be found?" the answer to our problems And then, out of the dark, a voice was saying "Listen... ...Listen to your heart, we are all wise within ... and ... Only you, only you can change the way you are And only you can find your morning star. Through the day while you're working, do your hands feel like clay; Or save it for a rainy day... Only you, only you can change the way you feel... And only you can beat the Karmic wheel. Through the day when you're thinking, Do you know who you are... In the night when you're dreaming, Do you know where you are... Is your home a distant star? Keep your head wide open... Do not fall for the same old things that you did before... This world's cold... religions they'll lead you anywhere But the secret door... on your second floor. This time around, you've got to see from the highest mountain And then you'll find you've got to feel like the depth of the sea. All light and sound is Perpetual Motion... If you understand then, one day, you'll be free... ...Free as a Dove..."


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