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FRESH AS A DAISY From the Broadway Musical "Panama Hattie" (1940) (Cole Porter) Betty Hutton, Pat Harrington & Frank Hyers (Broadway Production) - 1940 Glenn Miller & His Orch. (vocals: Marion Hutton, Tex Beneke & Jack Lathrop) - 1940 Virginia O'Brien (Film Production) - 1942 Andre Kostelanetz & His Orch. (vocal: Douglas Fairbanks Jr.) - 1972 INTRODUCTORY VERSE: I was a sunken soufflé A shirt still looking for starch I was a ballroom after the ball I was a fallen arch I was a frozen asset A burlesque without a tease Then suddenly from over the sea came Well, just look at me, please..... ******************** As recorded by Glenn Miller & his Orch. with vocals by Marion Hutton, Tex Beneke & Jack Lathrop, released December 1940: [mh] I'm fresh as a daisy, hard as a rock, Fit as a fiddle, proud as a cock, Bright as a button, sly as a fox, Shy as a violet and strong as an ox, Light as a feather, blind as a bat, Mad as a hatter and nervous as a cat, Sweet as a cookie, pure as a dove, That means, mister, I'm in love! [jl] I'm fresh as a daisy, tough as a stake, Mean as a miser, low as a snake, Scared as a rabbit, small as a mite, Gay as a meadowlark, high as a kite, Wild as a tiger, drunk as a fool, Sour as a lemon and stubborn as a mule, Sharp as a razor, smooth as a glove, That means, mister, I'm in love! [tb] I'm fresh as a daisy, quick as a flash, Slow as a tortoise, mixed as a hash, Fierce as a lion, meek as a lamb, Hot as as poker and cold as a clam, Dead as a doornail, dumb as a doll, Spry as a kitten and frisky as a colt, Good as an angel in heaven above That means, partner, I'm in love! [mh] I'm fresh as a daisy, red as a beet, [jl] Green as a golf course, white as a sheet, [tb] Raw as an oyster, swung as a gate, [mh] Mild as a cigarette, it sure tastes great! [jl] Foggy as London, rough as a bus, [tb] Solid as a stone wall and ornery as a cuss, [mh] Blue as the sky in the heaven up above, That means, mister, [jl] That's all, brother, [tb] That's right, partner, [all] We're in love! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - February 2014)


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