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FRIENDS IN LOVE (Bill Champlin / David Foster / Jay Graydon) Recorded by: The Countdown Singers; Johnny Mathis; Dionne Warwick. Sometimes, lonely nights turn into sunny days. I never thought I'd feel this way. I never knew that you and I were meant to be in love. Oh, darling, you've always been around to see me through. How was I to know you'd make my dreams come true? Time and time again before, always on our own, but now we're friends in love. Hoping that we'll always still be friends in love. It's dawn and we're together. Darling, now we got forever and day. Don't you go away. Remember everytime you cried, you came to me. Much to my surprise, I found someone to see. Even nights of loneliness, you were always there for me. We're friends in love. repeat chorus You turned around, looked my way. I can't say that it hasn't crossed my mind. I've loved you all along. Ah now we're leavin' yesterday behind, we'll never be alone. We're friends in love. repeat chorus


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