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FUNKY BROADWAY (Arlester Christian) Wilson Pickett (Bowlegs Miller, trumpet; Charlie Chalmers & Jimmy Mitchell, tenor saxophone; Floyd Newman, baritone saxophone; Spooner Oldham, keyboars; Chips Moman & Jimmy Johnson, guitar; Tommy Cogbill, electric bass; Roger Hawkins, drums.) Also recorded by: Don Bryant; Hiram Bullock; Steve Cropper; Johnny Dollar; Dyke & the Blazers; The Esquires; Lowell Fulson; O'Hara's Playboys; Jaco Pastorius; Diana Ross & the Supremes; Sam & Dave; Jimmy Smith; The Temptations; Llans and His Celestials Thewell; Jackie Wilson. Every town I go in There's a street.. uh, hah Name of the street now, huh Funky, funky Broadway Down on Broadway, huh There's a night club Now now, Name of the night club, now baby, Funky Funky Broadway Down on Broadway, There's a crowd, now Name of the crowd, baby, Broadway crowd Down on Broadway, yeah, There's a dance, hey, huh Name of the dance, Funky Funky Broadway Ahhh! Hah! Wiggle your legs now, baby, Shake your head up, Uhhh... Do the Shing-A-Ling now, baby, uhh Shake shake shake now You don't know, hah, baby, hah, Baby you don't know now, woman... Aowwwh! Do the Funky Broadway (sax solo) Aowwwh! Lord, have mercy Oh, you got me feeling all right Dirty filthy Broadway, Don't I like Broadway? Huh! At Broadway, look at here Down on Broadway, There's a woman Name of the woman, hah Broadway woman Aowwwwh! Down on Broadway, yeeaah, There's a man, hah Name of the man, now ...& fade (Contributed/Transcribed by Nancy - January 2006)


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