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FURTHERMORE (Ray Stevens) Ray Stevens - 1984 Well, you done me wrong so many times and made me blue And don't remember what I ever saw in you And here you go again, hurtin' me, it's plain to see That I'll always be sick and tired of all your lyin' and your cheatin' And the way you've been mistreatin' me, so, let me tell you, friend That you'll never get the chance to break my heart again And furthermore Furthermore On top of that I don't love you anyway You told me that you'd always love and treat me fair But lately, baby, seems like you don't even care about me anymore You slammed the door on me, oh, made me mad as I can be And I'm not gonna take it anymore And be your fool again, like I was before 'Cause baby this is it, I quit, you can just forget that we ever met And furthermore (Yes) Furthermore On top of that I don't love you anyway No, baby, I don't love, love you anyway I just realised that fact, as a matter of fact, today And anybody who would treat me like you do Don't deserve a tear, not a frown, not a sigh Not a single boo-hoo, yodel-laydee-hoh So, get on out o' here and go away and let me be And leave me by myself and set me free I wanna be alone and on my own, so get gone Don't you even telephone, hit the trail, move it out Adios, arrivederci, ciao-ciao, don't you ever try to come back Aufedersein, you know what that means, that's bye-bye And furthermore Yes, furthermore On top of that Pfffffffttt (*raspberry sound*) (He don't love you anyway, that's what he said) (No he don't love you anyway) (So this is the end) (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - July 2012)


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