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FUTURE'S NOT WHAT IT USED TO BE, THE (Mickey Newbury) Mickey Newbury - 1971 Ronnie Milsap - 1977 I left Decatur, hell bent to forget Bought a ticket to Skowhagen, Maine I wound up in Seattle, so drunk and so rattled Lord, I caught the wrong train Found some fast easy women and some hard drinkin' men Swore I'd drown the sorrow in me I once had a lot, but the future was not Not what it used to be Ah, the years they went by, I went steadily downhill Till I had no place left to go Made the missions by morning, made the dives every night Till I made a wreck of my body and soul And then I met a lady, in time she made me forget Her love set me free Ah, we didn't have a lot, but the future was not Not what it used to be I never thought I would live to get old Oh, the past cut a hole deep in me But there was the chance to be here a while longer At least I wanted to be Somebody told me she was in town I found out today Lord, how it hurts me to hear that she's down But what else can I say I know her sorrow, I know her pain I know her needs I once loved her a lot, but the future's just not Not what it used to be (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - June 2014)


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