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GARDEN OF LOVE Benny Hill (Chorus) The sun and the rain fell from up above And landed on the earth below In my garden of love Now there’s a rose for the way my spirits rose when we met A forget-me-not to remind me to remember not to forget A pine tree for the way I pined over you And an ash for the day I ashed you to be true (Chorus) And the sunů. Now there’s a palm tree that we planted when we had our first date A turnip for the way you always used to turnip late Your mother and your cousin, Chris, they often used to come So, in their honour, I have raised a nice chris-an’-the-mum (Chorus) And the sunů. Now there’s a beetroot for the day you said that you’d beetroot to me A sweet pea for the sweet way you always smiled at me But you had friends who needed you There was Ferdy, there was Liza So, just for them, I put down a load of ferdy-liza (Chorus) And the sunů. But Gus the gardener’s left now and you went with him, too The fungus there reminds me of the fun Gus is having with you Now the rockery’s a mockery, with weeds it’s overgrown The fuchsia’s gone, I couldn’t face the fuchsia all alone And my tears fell like raindrops from the sky above And poisoned all the flowers in my garden of love


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