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GAY CABALLERO, A (Frank Crumit / Lou Klein) Frank Crumit recorded 1928 I am a gay caballero Coming from Rio Janeiro, With nice oily hair And full of hot air, I'm an expert at shooting the bullo! I'm seeking a fair senorita, Not thin and yet not too much meata! I'll woo her a while In my Argentine style, I'll carry her off of her feeta! I'll tell her I'm of the nobilio, And live in a great big castillio. I must have a miss Who will long for a kiss; She'll not say, "Oh don't be so sillyo!" 'Twas at a swell cabaretta, While wining and dining I met her. We drank one or two, As other folks do; he night was wet but she got wetter! She told me her name was Estrella, She said, "Stick around me young fella! Mosquitoes they bite And they're awful tonight, And you smell just like citronella!" Oh I can't forget that senora; While telling her how I adore her, Asleep she did fall, Didn't mind that at all, But she was a terrible snorer! She was a dancer and singer, At me she kept pointing her finger, And saying to me, "Si senor, si si!", But I couldn't see a durned thinger! She told me that she was so lonely, So I climbed up on her balcony. While under her spell, I heard someone yell, "Get away from here you big baloney!" I swore I'd win this senorita, I wooed her upon the sofita. Then her husband walked in, What he did was a sin, I can still hear the birds sing "tweet-tweeta!" Now I am a sad caballero, Returning to Rio Janeiro, Minus my hair, A bruise here and there, For her husband, he chewed off my earo! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - February 2017)


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