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GEE, IT'S GOOD TO HOLD YOU (Doris Fisher (m) / Allan Roberts (l) ) As sung by Frances Wayne 1945 (with Woody Herman and His Orchestra) on a single 78 rpm disk Also sung by: Gertrude Niesen Jo Stafford (with Billy Butterfield and His Orchestra) (as a 78 rpm V Disc) Buddy Johnson Gee, it's good to hold you Hold you in my arms Gee, it's good to have you Home again. Gosh, I used to worry When you didn't write Waited for the mailman Every day and night. Gee, it's good to kiss you Feel you close to me Never knew how lonesome A pair of lips could be. So hold me, hug me, kiss me, once more Hold me, hug me, kiss me, like you did it before Gee, it's good to hold you Hold you in my arms again. Notes: Frances Wayne, an American, was a jazz vocalist during the 1940s. She sang in a number of big bands, Charlie Barnet, Neal Hefti (her husband) and Woody Herman. Doris Fisher, co-composer here, was a singer, composer and author. She wrote a number of well known songs, among them YOU ALWAYS HURT THE ONE YOU LOVE and INTO EACH LIFE SOME RAIN MUST FALL . She met up with Allan Roberts, the other co-composer here, in 1944 and together, they scored more than 20 films. 'Gee, It's Good To Hold You' was also released in 2005 as [Love Songs WWII] . This was a compilation of her recordings between 1939 and 1945 (Transcribed by David Story May 2014)


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