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GEE WHIZ Album : Stax / Volt Singles, '59-'68, Vol. 1 (Written by : Carla Thomas) Carla Thomas - 1960 Background Vocals : The Veltones Gee whiz... Look at his eyes Gee whiz... How they hypnotize He's got everything a girl could want Man oh man What a prize Uh huh Gee whiz... He's all the joy Gee whiz I could find in a boy He's awful nice It's paradise I hope I'm not his decoy Heaven up above Knows how much I love That fellah so Angels sing Of the love I bring I hope our love will grow and grow 'Cause, Gee whiz... I love that guy Gee whiz... My, my oh my There are things we could do I could say I love you But all I could say is Gee whiz...


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