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GEORGETTE (Words by Lew Brown / Music by Ray Henderson, 1922) Right across the way from me in apartment forty three every night I always see such a funny pair he's a bashful Romeo and she loves to tease him so he sighs, oh! how he cries each time she rolls her eyes: Every night it's just the same and I think that it's a shame cause she plays the same old game but he doesn't care when he starts to fuss and pout she just tries to put him out he's sore, gets to the door and then he sings once more Georgette, Georgette, I'm as wild as can be I'm all upset 'cause you're teasing me My ma, my pa, my whole family they scold me, they told me you've got a kick like T.N.T. , I eat, I sleep, but not like I should Oh! me, Oh! my, why can't you be good? Once I was gentle and meek now I'm as wild as the Sheik I'll get you yet, Georgette.


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