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GET AWAY (Powell) Georgie Fame & The Blue Flames - 1966 Gotta go I hope you're ready 'cos Take a look outside, Don't mind the weather, girl Let's take a ride. Get away We'll leave the city folk They'll have to stay. Don't have to pack a thing Just get away. Gotta go Get away Take a look at that deep blue sea Don't you think it looks great, hmm Not a cloud to be seen in the sky And the sun won't wait. I believe that the time is right Don't let it slip away Instead of dreaming 'bout tomorrow You can live today If you get away. I know a little place Not far from town Gotta go A kind of pretty place Three up, two down. Get away I think if ever you Decide to stay Well I know it's gonna be Because we've got away. Yes, we got away good Got away good We went and got away good. Gotta get away. Got away good. Gotta go, Gotta get away. Get away. Go, gotta get away, Gotta get away and go Go, go, go go. You gotta get away You get away and go go


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