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GETTING SOME FUN OUT OF LIFE (Edgar Leslie / Joseph A. Burke) Billie Holiday - 1937 Wingy Manone & His Orch. - 1937 Dick Robertson & His Orch. - 1937 Dave Frishberg - 1977 Joe Williams & Dave Pell's Prez Conference - 1979 Mr. Tram Associates (vocals: Barbara Lea & Daryl Sherman) - 1988 Carol Sloane - 1988 Jack Lemmon - 1990 Madeleine Peyroux - 1996 Mark Shane & Terry Blaine - 1998 Also recorded by: Tommy Dorsey Orch; Teresa Trull; Maxine Sullivan. My Baby's like me Wants to do this, wants to do that And so we do just as we please We hate to be told Not to go here, not to go there Because our sentiments are these.... When we want to love, we love When we want to kiss, we kiss With a little petting, we're getting Some fun out of life When we want to work, we work When we want to play, we play In a happy setting, we're getting Some fun out of life Maybe we do the right thing Maybe we do the wrong Spending each day Wending our way along But when we want to sing, we sing When we want to dance, we dance You can do your betting, we're getting Some fun out of life


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