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GHOST TOWN Cheap Trick Well the streets are all crowded Lots of people around And there's music playing But I can't hear a sound Just the sound of the rain Falling silently down Livin' ain't been livin' Since you put down Yeah, life goes on around me every day But it might as well be half a million miles away It's like a ghost town without your love Like a ghost town without your love Like a ghost town, baby, can't you see? It's a ghost town until you come back to me oo, oo, till you come back to me Well I wish I still had you Had you here next to me Baby, where did you go? Baby, why did you leave? Though the world, it keeps turnin' But it don't turn for me Without you in my life My life ain't no place to be There's only lonely days and empty nights Ain't the same without you, baby, nothin' feelin' right Darlin', I wanna leave this town Don't wanna be around I'm gonna leave this town


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