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GIDGET (Fred Karger / Ned Washington) James Darren - 1959 She acts sorta teenage, just in-between age Looks about four foot three Although she's just small fry, just about so-high Gidget is the one for me A regular tomboy but dressed for a prom Boy, how cute can one girl be? Although she's not king size, her finger is ring-size Gidget is the one for me If she says she loves you You can bet your boots she loves you If she says she hates you That can also mean she loves you It very well may be she's just a baby speaking romantically If that's a bad feature, I'll be the teacher Gidget is the one for me She's not much on glamour And she should improve her grammar Still I sigh and stammer And my heart beats like a little ole hammer Strictly from Dixie, face like a pixie Shorter than girls should be The rest of the shipment standard equipment Just a doll in dungarees But Gidget is the one for me SPOKEN: She's it!!


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