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G.I. HAIRCUT (Unknown) Spike Jones & his City Slickers - 1943 Gee, I got a GI haircut Gee, it's not a pretty haircut I am such an awful sad guy since I cut my hair Gee, I got a GI haircut And I wouldn't care but No more girls give me the glad eye With my head so bare. Army barbers sure are wizards Up and down they go with scissors Soon your hair is on the floor And "Boom" brother, there ain't no more When I told him how I want it Trimmed a bit with hair oil on it Nineteen yard birds held me there And Gee I got a GI haircut. (Johnny got a haircut, haircut, haircut, Johnny got a haircut just like mine) I dream of Johnny but his light brown hair Seems to be lying `neath an army barber's chair. No more side burns, they're too fancy Nothin' quite so fancy pantsy Says his stuff is what it's called And "Boom" brother, they leave you bald I was sure it wouldn't happen But the barber caught me nappin' When I climbed into his chair And Gee, I got a GI haircut. (Clipper sounds) (NEXT) (Contributed/Transcribed by Bill Huntley - October 2005)


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