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GIRL IN SASKATOON, THE (Johnny Cash / Johnny Horton) Johnny Cash - 1960 I left a little town a little south of Hudson Bay I couldn't find a thing to make a rounder want stay I fought the wind across the barren waste and the crystal dunes Goin' for to marry the girl in Saskatoon I'm glad I realized that no one could take her place My heart was beatin' for her like the winter beat my face But knowin' that I'd see her made my spirit bright as June I'm freezin', but I'm burnin' for the girl in Saskatoon South and west and followin' the cold December sun I bedded down in the caragana when the daily trek was done Then up and pressin' onward by the light of the mornin' moon A prodigal returnin' to the girl in Saskatoon Then I found a trail that had packed beneath the snow I made the final miles where the prairie lilies grow A steeple on a church glistened by the prairie moon I'm freezin', but I'm burnin' for the girl in Saskatoon My journey was forgotten when I held her in my arms My wonderlust was stifled by possession of her charms And kneelin' neath the steeple where we couldn't wait till June I found eternal Spring with the girl in Saskatoon (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - July 2013)


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