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GIRL IN THE BLUE VELVET BAND, THE (Mel Foree / Cliff Carlisle - adapted from the traditional 19th century English song "The Black Velvet Band") Cliff & Bill Carlisle - 1934 Hank Snow - 1937 Tex Fletcher & Joe Rogers - 1937 Bill Monroe & His Blue Grass Boys - 1949 Mac Wiseman - 1959 Doc Watson - 1968 Jerry Douglas & Peter Rowan - 1995 Also recorded by: Montana Slim; Porter Wagoner; Hylo Brown; The Del McCoury Band..................and others. One night while out for a ramble The hour was just about nine I met a young maiden in Frisco On the corner of Kearny and Pine On her face there was beauty of nature And her eyes they did seem to expand Her hair was so rich and so brilliant Entwined in a blue velvet band (Banjo Solo) We strolled down the long street together In my pocket she placed her small hand Planted the evidence on me That girl in the blue velvet band Then I heard the wild scream of the siren And the girl in the blue velvet band She left me to face all the trouble With a diamond that was worth two grand (Fiddle Solo) They sent me to San Quintin for stealin' And God knows I'm an innocent man For the guilty one now she lies dyin' That girl in the blue velvet band I'll be out in a year, then I'm leavin' But I'll carry the name of a man Who spent ten years in this prison For the girl in the blue velvet band (Guitar Solo) Last night while bedtime was ringin' I was standin' close to the bars I fancied I could hear her voice callin' From far out on the ocean of stars I'll be out in a year, then I'm leavin' But I'll carry the name of a man Who spent ten years in this prison For the girl in the blue velvet band And when I get out I'll endeavour To live in some other land And I'll bid farewell to old Frisco And the girl in the blue velvet band (Contributed by boB Cartlidge - January 2003) NB: In other versions 'Kearny and Pine' in the first verse is referred to as 'Geary & Pine' or 'Cherry & Pine'. ++++++++++ ALTERNATE VERSION: In that city of beauty and fashion In Frisco I first saw the ligh; And the numerous adventures and frolics That live in my memory tonight I was walking the streets of old Frisco The hour was just turning nine When I chanced on a girl, tall and slender On the corner of Kearney and Pine Her face was a vision of beauty Her eyes, they seemed to expand And her hair it was long, rich and golden Entwined in a blue velvet band To a place where they served us strong liquor She invited me with a sweet smile She seemed so refined, gay and charming That I thought I would tarry awhile She took me back to her apartment It was up on the third floor above And I thought myself truly in heaven As I looked at this goddess of love But what struck me most was an object Designed by an artistic hand 'Twas the costly layout of a hop-fiend And the fiend was my blue velvet band On a pile of fine satins and pillows She reclined, I declined on the floor Then we both hit the pipe and I slumbered I pondered it over and o'er 'Tis months since the craven arm grasped me And in bliss did my life slip away From opium to dipping and thieving She artfully led day by day One evening, coming home wet and weary With the swag from a jewelry store I heard the soft voice of my loved one As I quietly opened the door "If you'll give me a clue to convict him" Said a stranger, in tones soft and bland "You'll then prove to me that you love me" "It's a go" said my blue velvet band Ah! How my heart then filled with anger At this woman, so fair, false and vile And the thought that I once truly loved her Forced my lips to a sad, bitter smile All ill-gotten gains we had squandered And my life, it was hers to command Deserted and left for another Could this be my blue velvet band What happened to me I will tell you I was ditched for a desperate crime For during that jewelry store hold-up A man was shot down in his prime As a convict of hard reputation Ten years of hard grind did I land And I often recalled all the pleasures I had with my blue velvet band Many months have gone by since this happened And the story belongs to the past I forgave her, but just retribution Claimed this fair but false one at last She slowly sank lower and lower Downward through life's shifting sands Till finally she died in a hop-joint The girl in the blue velvet band Now when I get out I will hasten To live honest in some other land For I'm bidding farewell to old Frisco And the grave of the blue velvet band ++++++++++ As recorded by HANK SNOW: If you listen, a story I'll tell you Of a girl who once lived in this land A girl who once was my sweetheart She was known as the blue velvet band On her cheeks was the first flush of nature Her beauty it seemed to expand Her hair hung down in long tresses Tied back by the blue velvet band I can still see those tears as we parted Of my heart broken blue velvet band As I left her I told her I'd never Come back to my old home again Five years in the wide open spaces Was all that my poor heart could stand Every night as I lay on my pillow I would dream of my blue velvet band Then one night as I lay down dreaming Of home and dear Mother and Dad Like a flash by my bedside was standing The form of my blue velvet band I started the next day for my darling To go back and make her my bride But as I reached the old country depot They told me my sweetheart had died They laid her to rest in the churchyard Mid the sweet summer flowers of the land On her finger was the ring I had bought her On her head was the blue velvet band


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