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GIRLS FROM SANTA CRUZ (Michael Belanger / Lacy J. Dalton) Lacy J. Dalton - 1980 Kim and I, we stole a stallion >From a rodeo in Texas Took him north and sold him right away We took the money and we ran But right behind us came a man In a stetson hat who vowed he'd make us pay The buyer gave a good description Of the girls who sold that stud And the man in the stetson knew us right away Said there ain't two outlaws in this world Fits the looks of those two girls I know 'em, but they always get away And it wasn't long before we heard the news It's enough to give an old cowgirl a bad case of the blues But that Texas Ranger met his match With the girls from Santa Cruz Kim and I were used to trouble So we lit out on the double Headin' for a border town we knew But the ranger caught us on the way Stopped us dead, what could I say And I figured that the two of us were through But there was one thing I neglected Love is often unexpected Guess that's just the way it's gonna be 'Cause the Ranger took one look at Kim And she took one look back at him And neither one of them remembered me And it wasn't long before I heard the news It's enough to give an old cowgirl a bad case of the blues 'Cause that Texas Ranger made his match With my friend from Santa Cruz Yeah, the Texas Ranger got old Kim and he got that stallion too! (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - December 2011)


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