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GIVE IT ALL YOU GOT (Carol Ide / Steve Ide) Arlo Guthrie Let's not sit here, talk about it baby It's got to start in your heart or else it'll pass on by It's what pleases you when your love seems new That puts the light back in your eyes You got what it takes, and I know it make it through CHORUS: You've got to give it all that you got Honey that's the thing to do You've got to give it your best shot Even when the world's closing' in on you It's not an easy life we're livin' But in the end if it's love you're givin' Don't be afraid, don't give it up Give it all you got There's people around who are standin' right by your side Walkin' hand in hand, they could follow you up to the sky But if you leave 'em alone, they'll be on their own And then there'll be reason to try, What's the use payin' dues when you got no reason why CHORUS What do you do when there's so much in you You can't feel the road that you're on Say what needs to be said, get it all out your head And you're back on the road before long CHORUS


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