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GIVE UP YOUR GUNS Rupert Holmes The Buoys When I woke up this morning I found myself alone I turned to touch her hair But she was gone, she was gone And there beside her pillow Were her tears of the night before She said: give up your guns and face the law I robbed a bank in Tampa And I thought I had it made But the hounds picked up my trail Within the glades, so I ran And I stumbled down this cabin And she came to me once more She said: give up your guns and face the law I don't wanna leave her, I don't wanna die Deep within a cold, cold grave With no one 'round to cry But I have got my pistol Now it's time to choose Shooting here, or hanging there And either way I loose And now I'm in this cabin Where my own true love should be Instead there lies a note She wrote to me and it says So you can't live by the bullets But you're sure as dead can die My love give up your guns or say goodbye, goodbye And the sheriff now is calling With his shotgun at my door Son give up your guns and face the law (Contributed by Mr Puma - October 2007)


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