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GO AHEAD AND CRY The Righteous Brothers (Love can make a young boy into man) (But a broken heart can change a young man into a boy again) Your not the first man to cry When things have gone wrong Your human, your only so strong (It takes one) Little tear to knock a big man down (It takes one) Broken heart to keep him down on the ground It takes three little word, to make him stand again (Stand up agaun) So, go ahead and cry, go ahead and cry Go ahead and cry Love is so easy to play, but so hard to win Your still a young man, your heart will love again (It takes one) Little kiss from her sweet tender lips (It takes one) Gentle touch from her soft fingertips It takes more than one tear, to mend a broken heart (A broken heart) Go ahead and cry, go ahead and cry Go ahead and cry, Go ahead, go ahead Go ahead and cry I want you to get down on your knees and (Cry) Kneel down baby When your feelin' blue I want you to (Cry) Don't be ashamed to (Cry)


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