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GOIN' TO THE COUNTY FAIR >From the film "Sweet Rosie O'Grady" (1943) (Music: Harry Warren / Lyrics: Mack Gordon) Betty Grable (Film Soundtrack) - 1943 Got me a brand new gingham dress, hope you think it's cute Say, did you tell your Ma to press your Sunday-go-to-meetin' suit This sort of extry special day comes but once a year Oh, how long we've waited and now, by gum, it's here So snap your tie on and slick your hair We gotta get a-goin' to the County Fair Fetch the buggy and hitch the mare We gotta get a-goin' to the County Fair Big tops and sideshows, just take your pick You'll stop for popcorn, but I want a taffy apple on a stick So, spend your money and see the sights We ain't a-gonna leave until they douse the lights When it's over, remember this You cuddle up a little bit and steal a kiss Go on and spoon, the harvest Moon won't care Goin' home is so much nicer than goin' to the County Fair (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - March 2016)


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