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GOLDEN ARROW (Harry Williams / Egbert Van Alstyne, 1909) Out in the shade of a glade sat a maid, with burning cheeks all aglow; Eyes black as night, but as bright as the light of any sunset in Idaho: For by her side was the pride of a tribe, the son of Chief Arrow-bow And in the ear of his dear, sweet and clear, he whispered low. She then replied "I'm your bride by your side, We'll hunt the big buffalo; I'll be your dear, never fear, ever near, For I'm your Arrow and you're my beau. You lead the way where you may from today, for you must guide me, you know." "Then I can see we'll agree, come with me," said Arrow Bow. "My little Golden Arrow I love you You've pierced my heart it's true, pretty Sioux, through and through, Take me to be your fallen sparrow, do For Golden Arrow my life belongs to you."


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