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GOLDEN MOMENT from "Hot September" 1965 musical Boston (closed after 4 weeks!) (Kenneth Jacobson (m) Rhoda Roberts (l) 1965) as recorded by Frank Sinatra with Laurindo Almeida (guitar) & Orchestra conducted by Torrie Zito August 23rd 1965 Hollywood You're young for a golden moment, you sigh and it flies away, And then in the silent September, you dream of the music of May. You're young for a shining hour, but soon it's "remember when"; Take hold of that golden moment, for once it's gone it never comes back again! Take hold of that golden moment, For once it's gone, it never comes back, You cry, still it won't come back, It's gone and never comes back again! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - September 2013)


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