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GOODBAT NIGHTMAN (Roger McGough / Mike McGear) The Scaffold - 1966 God bless all policemen and fighters of crime May thieves go to jail for a very long time They've had a hard day helping clean up the town Now they hang from the mantle piece, both upside down A glass of warm blood and then straight up the stairs Batman and Robin are saying their prayers BATMAN & ROBIN: God bless Superman and Superwoman! Aquaman and Aquawoman! Ironman and Ironwoman! Spiderman and Spiderwoman! Plasticman and Plasticwoman! Crazyman an- ROBIN: B-b-batman BATMAN: Yes Robin ROBIN: W-w-was there ever a Batwoman? BATMAN: There was once, Boy Wonder, a long time back ROBIN: Where is she now? BATMAN: I'm afraid she's no longer with us ROBIN: Oh, you mean...? BATMAN: Yes, she's in the great belfry up there in the sky ROBIN: Holy Saint Batwoman, what happened? BATMAN: She rather foolishly got in the way of the batmobile ROBIN: Suicide? BATMAN: Batricide! ROBIN: Gosh, why didn't I think of that They've locked all the doors and they've put out the bat (Meouw!) Put on the batjamas (We like doing that!) Filled the batwater-bottles, made the batbeds With two springy batrasses for sleepy batheads They're closing red eyes and they're counting black sheep Batman and Robin are falling asleep (Door opens) ROBIN: W-w-w-where are you going Batman? BATMAN: The batroom! ROBIN: Holyluya! (Door closes)


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