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GOODBYE LITTLE GIRL OF MY DREAMS (Richard Howard / Fred Phillips, 1913) I wonder and wonder, if there'll come a day, when the girl of my dreams will exist. I wonder and wonder and hope that there may, For only in dreams we kissed. I see her fair face every night in my dreams, it's as sweet as the roses that bloom, But soon it is morn and then she is gone, So I say as she fades with the moon. There's millions of girls in this beautiful world, there's a girl for each boy so they say; So I'll wait thro' the years 'till my dream girl appears, For I know I shall meet her some day How happy I'd be at the break of the dawn, Just to find her at rest in my arms, Never more have to sigh, Never more say goobye, To the girl of those wonderful charms. Goodbye little girl of my dreams Goodbye little girl of my dreams, I'd like to feel, That you are real, For you are mine it seems, Lovelight in your eyes brightly gleams, You say just for me that it beams So I'll love only thee, Tho' in dreams it may be, Goodbye little girl of my dreams.


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