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GOODBYE STRANGER Album : Breakfast In America (Roger Hodgson / Rick Davies) Supertramp It was an early morning yesterday I was up before the dawn And I really have enjoyed my stay But I must be movin' on Like a king without a castle, Like a queen without a throne, I'm an early mornin' lover And I must be movin' on. Now I believe in what you say Is the undisputed truth But I have to have things my own way Just to keep me in my youth. Like a ship without an anchor Like a slave without a chain Just the thought of those sweet ladies Sends a shiver through my brains. And I will go on shining Shinin' like brand new. I'll never look behind me, My troubles will be few. CHORUS Goodbye stranger, it's been nice Hope you find your paradise Tried to see your point of view Hope your dreams will all come true. Goodbye, Mary. Goodbye, Jane. Will we ever meet again ? Feel no sorrow, feel no shame, Come tomorrow, feel no pain. And sweet devotion, it's not for me Just give me motion and set me free. And the land and the ocean far away Is the life I've chosen everyday. VERSE Now some they do and some they don't And some you just can't tell And some they will and some they won't With some it's just as well You can laugh at my behaviour That'll never bother me Say the devil is my saviour But I won't pay no heed. CHORUS (REPEAT)


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