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GOOD FOR NOTHIN' JOE Rube Bloom (m) Ted Koehler (l) written 1941 Lena Horne w Charlie Barnet & his Orch rec 7/1/41 New York also- Helen Humes Anita Ellis Kay Starr 47 Peggy Lee 58 It's gonna rain any minute, There's not a star in sight; Things are mighty slow, I guess I'll close up shop and go home to Joe. I know he won't be glad to see me Without a penny to the good, But I'm not carin' much what happens, I did the best I could! He's just good for nothin' Joe, But oh, I love him so! Guess I'd die if good for nothin' Joe ever tried to leave me flat, Oh yes, I'm certain of that! Folks I know can't understand Why I must have that man; Lord, he sends me like nobody can, Ain't a woman just like that! I wouldn't mind doin' what I'm doin', I'd beat these streets till my feet were sore, But when it's slow and I go home to him, Instead of sympathy, He's just as mean as can be! Still, there's nothin' I can do now Because I love him so, I'd be good for nothin' too, I know Without good for nothin' Joe. I'd be good for nothin' too, I know Without good for nothin' Joe, I'm goin' home to Joe! (Contributed by Peter Akers - April 2008)


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