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GOOD LITTLE GIRL AND THE BAD LITTLE GIRL, THE fr "The Charlot Show" 1926 musical London sb Jessie Matthews Jeans / Gay 1926 Jessie Matthews w The Prince Of Wales Theatre Orch rec Nov 24th 1926 London They were as pretty as they could be In a skirt and jumper way; One was all a young girl should be, But the other, rather gay! And their only cause for quarrel Was a very simple one, Just that one had all the morals, And the other, all the fun! The bad little girl Took the good little girl To dine at a place she knew; She had some port Of the cheaper sort, And the good girl drank some too! Said the good little girl, "Enough I've had, I am not used to wine!", For the good little girl felt rather bad, But the bad girl, she felt fine! Then a man crossed over to them, Whom the bad girl said she knew. She always said she knew them; At the time, it was quite true! To accept his Benedictine The good little girl was loath, So the bad little girl, she nicked in And promptly drank them both! Said the good little girl to the bad little girl, "It's time for me to go!". She said goodbye And in reply, Said the bad girl,"Cheerio!". So the good girl slipped away, And xxxx?, as very oft occurs, The good little girl, she caught her bus, And the bad girl, she missed hers! Now the good little girl Met the bad little girl At eleven o'clock next day; The good girl heard What had occurred When the bad girl went her way. And there's this little fact that must be weighed In judging good from bad, That the bad girl wished she had not stayed, And the good girl wished she had! (Transcribed by Peter Akers - September 2012)


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