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GOOD MORNING GLORY From the film "Sitting Pretty" (1933) (Music: Harry Revel / Lyrics: Mack Gordon) Jack Haley (Film Soundtrack) - 1933 Tom Coakley & His Orch. (vocal: Carl Ravazza) - 1933 George Hall & His Taft Hotel Orch. (vocal: Loretta Lee) - 1933 Ed Lloyd & His Band (vocal: Chick Bullock) - 1933 Six a.m., the night is breakin' up Seven a.m., the town is wakin' up Baby sister starts to yell Johnny's brushin' powder off o' his lapel Everybody's sort o' sprucin' up Everyone is orange juicin' up All the world seems gay Out of a dream into a day Good morning glory Say there, stop that yawning A brand new day is dawning Pull up the shade and let the sun come through Good morning glory Spend about an hour Underneath the shower And keep on singin' like the birdies do Ho-hum, ho-hum While you're waiting for your toast Call the one you love the most Pick up the phone and start in saying Good morning glory Were you dreamin' of me And do you still love me Well, baby, here's a kiss for you (Transcribed by Mel Priddle - September 2017)


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